Frequently Asked Questions

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STREAM TV PLANET is an IP TV company. We provide users with a range of interactive services including digital television by using a new technology.

What are the advantages of STREAM TV PLANET?

  • STREAM TV PLANET provides services in different forms. In addition to television programs, users can also do other Internet activities via STREAM TV PLANET
  • STREAM TV PLANET is interactive indeed. It allows users to choose any free program they want in a totally free way;

  • STREAM TV PLANET provides a solution to the transmission flexibility.

Which device do I need for STREAM TV PLANET service?

You need to purchase our STREAM TV box (MAG 250 or MAG 254).

Can I install other APP on my STREAM TV PLANET box?

Please contact a customer representative or your supplier for more information.

How to sign up for our services?

You can register on our website or with your supplier.

Does STREAM TV PLANET contain any channels? Where can I get a good playlist?

Yes, STREAM TV PLANET  does include free channels, but no information will be provided about where you can get more channels or channel packages. For more channels, contact your supplier.

Can I use my own set top box device for your television service?

That depends. You will need to a have a set top box from us or purchased from someone that had our service before.

The set top box needs to be configured by our company or our supplier in order for it to work.

What happend if buy our set top box from another customer ?

If you decide to buy from an old customer, Stream TV PLANET does not guarantee the compatibility or the functionality of the unit.

Even if customer says there is warranty left, we do not honour it since has exchanged hands and therefore cannot guarantee it.

Do I need one IPTV box for each TV ?

Yes, in order to service more than one TV, you will need one IPTV box for each TV.

You have the option to stick with one IPTV box and move it from TV to TV, but this can be inefficient if you are switching TV’s quite frequently.

Internet speed requirements ?

We highly recommend an internet speed of at least 15-25Mbps for a smooth viewing experience. It is also highly recommended that you use an unlimited bandwidth connection with your ISP.

Below is an average of what your usage may look like. Remember this is not a guarantee and should only be used as a rough guide or estimate!

Live TV Channels:

  • SD= 750Kbps = 329.58 MB / Hour @ 8 Hours per Day= 81.73 GB/Month
  • HD=1 Mbps= 439.43 MB/Hour @ 8 Hours per Day= 108.98 GB/Month.

When do you plan to translate your website into more languages ?

Very soon.