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List of our premium channels package

Package Channels Category
Basic 2M Maroc Arab
Basic AD drama Arab
Basic Al Jazeera Arab
Basic Al Maghribya Arab
Basic Al Oula Maroc Arab
Basic Aljazeera documentaire Arab
Basic Arriadia Arab
Basic Art Cinema Arab
Basic Baraem Arab
Basic canal algérie Arab
Basic CBC Arab
Basic CBC Drama Arab
Basic CBC Extra Arab
Basic CBC Sofra Arab
Basic Dubai ONE Arab
Basic Echourrouk TV Arab
Basic Hanibal TV Arab
Basic Jeem Arab
Basic MBC 1 Arab
Basic MBC 2 Arab
Basic MBC 3 Arab
Basic MBC 4 Arab
Basic MBC Action Arab
Basic MBC drama Arab
Basic MBC max Arab
Basic Medi1 Arab
Basic Nile Drama Arab
Basic Rotana Cinema Arab
Basic Rotana Classic Arab
Basic Rotana Clip Arab
Basic Samira TV Arab
Basic Tamazight Maroc Arab
Basic Touyour Al Jannah Arab
Basic Discovery Documentary
Basic Discovery Channel Documentary
Basic Discovery Science Documentary
Basic Discovery Science Documentary
Basic Histoire Documentary
Basic National Geo Wild (FR) Documentary
Basic National Geographic (FR) Documentary
Basic National Geography Wild (EN) Documentary
Basic Voyage Documentary
Basic Animal Planet English
Basic BBC 1 English
Basic CBS Action English
Basic Comedy Central English
Basic Comedy Central Extra English
Basic Fox English
Basic ITV 1 English
Basic ITV 2 English
Basic ITV 3 English
Basic ITV 4 English
Basic ITV Encore English
Basic Pick English
Basic Sky 2 English
Basic Sky Movies Select English
Basic Sky One English
Basic TCM English
Basic France 2 French
Basic France 3 French
Basic France 5 French
Basic M6 French
Basic NRJ12 French
Basic SCIENCE & VIE French
Basic TF1 French
Basic TMC French
Basic TV5 French
Basic ORF 1 German
Basic RTL German
Basic RTL 2 German
Basic ZDF German
Basic ZDF Info German
Basic Rai 1 Italian
Basic Rai 2 Italian
Basic Rai 3 Italian
Basic Rai 4 Italian
Basic Rai 5 Italian
Basic Boomerang Kids/Tweens
Basic Canal J Kids/Tweens
Basic Cartoon Network Kids/Tweens
Basic Cartoon Network Kids/Tweens
Basic Disney Channel Kids/Tweens
Basic Disney Cinema Kids/Tweens
Basic Disney XD Kids/Tweens
Basic France 4 Kids/Tweens
Basic GULLI Kids/Tweens
Basic Nick JR Kids/Tweens
Basic Nickelodeon Kids/Tweens
Basic TELETOON Kids/Tweens
Basic Tiji Kids/Tweens
Basic BBC News News
Basic bfm (FR) News
Basic Euronews (FR) News
Basic France24 (FR) News
Basic I-tele (FR) News
Basic 24 Horas Spanish
Basic Antena 3 Spanish
Basic C+ Acción Spanish
Basic C+ comedia Spanish
Basic LA 1 Spanish
Basic LA 2 Spanish
Basic Mega Spanish
Basic Neox Spanish
Basic Nova Spanish
Basic CNN Turk Turkish
Basic Show TV Turkish
Basic Star TV Turkish
Basic TLC Turkish
Basic TRT 1 Turkish
Basic TRT Haber Turkish

Get more with our premium plan !

Package Channels Category
Premium Bravo English
Premium Discovery Channel English
Premium Food Network English
Premium FOX English
Premium Canal + French
Premium Canal + Family French
Premium National Geographic French
Premium Paris Premiere French
Premium RMC Decouvert French
Premium RTBF : La Une French
Premium 13Eme Rue Movies/Series
Premium Action Movies/Series
Premium Bein Movies 1 Movies/Series
Premium Bein Movies 2 Movies/Series
Premium Bein Movies 3 Movies/Series
Premium Bein Movies 4 Movies/Series
Premium Canal + Cinema Movies/Series
Premium Canal + Series Movies/Series
Premium Canal Decale Movies/Series
Premium Cine + Premiere Movies/Series
Premium Cine Famiz Movies/Series
Premium Cine FRISSON Movies/Series
Premium Cine FX Movies/Series
Premium Cine Polar Movies/Series
Premium Ocs Choc Movies/Series
Premium OCS City Movies/Series
Premium OCS Geant Movies/Series
Premium OCS Max Movies/Series
Premium OSN BOXOFFICE 1 Movies/Series
Premium OSN BOXOFFICE 2 Movies/Series
Premium Paramount Channel Movies/Series
Premium Sky Disney Movies/Series
Premium Sky Movies Action Movies/Series
Premium Sky Movies Comedy Movies/Series
Premium Sky Movies Drama Movies/Series
Premium Sky Movies Family Movies/Series
Premium Sky Movies Premier Movies/Series
Premium Spike Movies/Series
Premium Starz Edge Movies/Series
Premium Syfy Movies/Series
Premium True Movies 1 Movies/Series
Premium True Movies 2 Movies/Series
Premium ABC News News
Premium CNN News
Premium Fox News News
Premium BEIN Sports 1 Sports
Premium BEIN Sports 10 Sports
Premium BEIN Sports 2 Sports
Premium BEIN Sports 2 Sports
Premium BEIN Sports 3 Sports
Premium BEIN Sports 3 Sports
Premium BEIN Sports 4 Sports
Premium BEIN Sports 5 Sports
Premium BEIN Sports 5 Sports
Premium BEIN Sports 6 Sports
Premium BEIN Sports 7 Sports
Premium BEIN Sports 8 Sports
Premium BEIN Sports 9 Sports
Premium Bein Sports USA Sports
Premium BT Sport 1 Sports
Premium BT Sport 2 Sports
Premium BT Sport 3 Sports
Premium CANAL Liga Sports
Premium Canal+ Sport Sports
Premium ESPN Sports
Premium ESPN 2 Sports
Premium Eurosport 1 Sports
Premium Eurosport 2 Sports
Premium Fox Sport 1 Sports
Premium Fox Sport 2 Sports
Premium InfoSport Sports
Premium NBA Sports
Premium NBC Sport Network Sports
Premium NFL Network Sports
Premium OSN Ad Sport 1 Sports
Premium OSN Ad Sport 2 Sports
Premium OSN Ad Sport 3 Sports
Premium OSN Ad Sport 4 Sports
Premium Premier Sports Sports
Premium SFR Sport 1 Sports
Premium SFR Sport 2 Sports
Premium SFR Sport 3 Sports
Premium Sky Sports 1 Sports
Premium Sky Sports 2 Sports
Premium Sky Sports 3 Sports
Premium Sky Sports 4 Sports
Premium Sky Sports 5 Sports
Premium Sky Sports News Sports
Premium Sport 1 Sports

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